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THE 3RD TIME IS A CHARM! READ THIS!! How To Stop Making Excuses

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

If you have something you need to do, do it today.

The only thing that's stopping you from getting closer to where and what you want is your lack of commitment. The only thing that's keeping your from achieving your goals is your refusal step forward.

Trust me, I'm talking to myself too!🤗

It's time to get driven. It's time to live everyday with purpose on your mind. We have got to stop making excuses and do the darn thang!

You are the one that is holding your back. Take a few minutes and just think about it and ask yourself "Why"

I know it's not easy staying persistent however, if you are not growing you are not living!

It helps to always try and be a better version of yourself everyday.

The challenges of not making excuses and just do it, is a everyday process. As I like to say we're all a work in progress.

One thing that keeps me consistent in many things is being passionate about becoming the best version of myself and leaving a mark on this world and my family.

Although this message may step on some toes, I think it's a truly important one. We allow excuses to hold us back. I've been guilty of it myself!💯

However you may ask how do I deal with "not making excuses"

Here are 5 tips that can help you start the process. Remember be patient with your self, Rome wasn't built in a day.

5 Tips to help implement:

1. Stop putting it off until tomorrow

2. Don't think to much because you will think yourself right out of what you need to do

3. If you find yourself making excuses make the reward greater

4. Remind yourself of why this is so important to you

5. Look at the bigger picture of the outcome, the next level and keep it moving forward.

Nothing worthwhile is going to happen overnight or come easy but with patience the rewward is amazing!

You're not alone, so many are in the "No Excuses Game" including me. So just do the darn thang and stop devaluing your dreams just because they're difficult to achieve.

We both know that you are capable of amazing things.

I leave this affirmation with you:

I Am Becoming A Better Version Of Myself One Day At A Time.

It All Starts With You!


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