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— 8 week course —


How to Look & Feel Amazing After 50
Faith -Fashion-Fitness-Freedom
To Be Authentically YOU. 
Finding Yourself & Getting Your Sexy Back!



Do you feel like you’re just trying to get through the days and just going through the emotions?


Riding on a roller coaster with no real direction as to where you want to be? Do you wish you could change it and obtain your life gain your wellness back?


Energy – Do you wish you had more of it? Recapture your youthful & zeal for life?


Mid-Life Spread – Are pounds starting to add up? Do you feel you can’t lose weight even though you have tried everything time after time?


Strength – Do you want to look in the mirror and love what you see? Do you want a sexy, leaner, tighter body but don’t know where to begin or feel intimidated at the gym?


This is the plan for you! I know how you feel, you are not alone. This is the plan I use to become “Fit Fab & Fearless” a coach and inspiring mentor for many women 50 and beyond.


This mentorship is designed to support and supercharge your metabolism so fat loss is second nature and becomes a way of life.


I found it when I cleaned up my eating and a workout plan I could stick with. I got my life back! I got my sexy back!


I’m on a mission to share this incredibly effective wellness strategy and help others like you.


8 weeks into preparation and development that will change your life. Discover the strategic blueprint to cultivate the subconscious mind by focusing on Unleashing Your Inner Greatness!

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