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Come Celebrate With Me!👑

Hey Fam!

In case you didn't know, January the 8th, I will be one of many amazing speakers for the "San Diego Fearless Women's Summit 2022"

This is very exciting and feeling the butterflies! Why do I say butterflies? Because anytime you step into moving forward, towards your dreams and goals you will get butterflies and feel uncomfortable but in a good way. 🤗

I have been a professional singer for many years traveling all over the world however, I find speaking in front of an audience is very different from singing in front of an audience. When I became a Certified Life & Health Coach, I wanted to do everything in my power to be a light to others so they can step into becoming what they believe with a positive mindset.

You must believe you are more than your current situation. When we were younger we had dreams of what we wanted to be, it's never too late! I always dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur that runs her own business, living a life of luxury while helping others reach their inner joy, dreams and their goals.

In order to create my dreams into my reality, I am getting out of my own way and becoming what I believe and it starts NOW! This is the beginning of many beginnings and I am looking forward to speaking on this amazing platform.

On each of our journeys to becoming our greater selves ,I want to share a few things with you so you can take charge of your life dreams and goals starting now while moving forward into 2022. These tips will help to keep yourself active and motivated when things are feeling a little crazy in your surroundings.


Be ready to push yourself by excercising your body

Be your own hero & stand for yourself

Trust your intuition & your heart

Pray for guidance always trusting in the higher power

Maintain worship with the creator everyday & throughout the day

Always keep your head up & believe the creator has your back

Believe me when I say, I have come a long ways and if you're in the San Diego area on January the 8th, your will get a chance to hear my story.

Trust yourself and believe in yourself! You Are More Than A Conqueror!

See you at the "San Diego Fearless Women's Summit" Ladies!


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