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International Amazon Best Seller
Life & Health Coach
Author, Speaker & Vocalist

Meet Ms. Diamond

I give you the strategy to living out your purpose.  Creating a wellness lifestyle as well as get clear on where you are.  Obtaining the strategy and the steps to move forward from where you are now.  Finding your own sound and your impact in this world!

As a passionate and professional wellness coach, I have innately created a format that will produce superb results specially for you to win. It Isn't A Secret...It's STRATEGY!
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Ready for the next level?

Let's Get Started To A Better Life! Health & Wellness Lifestyle.
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— 3 day plan —

Ms. Diamond fit & fabulous.

— 8 week plan —

– 10 days –
Ms. Diamond


— 3 day challenge—



Speaker & Vocalist

From Michael Jackson to John Legend!
I've shared the stage with many. Discovering while traveling and working overseas my gift of helping so many women just like you, live their purpose and elevate your inner greateness.  

As an author, speaker, mentor, and vocalist my journey is to inspire and encourage you with your passion!  As Goddess & Queens living a life of abundance is your birthright.  Look fabulous and feel extraordinary, while manifesting your dream life, living on your own terms. Finding your own sound & living your truth!
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Coach Paula has a heart for helping people change their lives.
She feels that having a greater life is within everyone's potential.
Let her help you with your goals and lead you into a greater life.
She is warm, caring and a lot of fun.
~ Linda Thompson
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You were born a winner with a gift!  This original book will help you find yourself again.  Create change so that you too can become what you believe. I wrote this book from a place of serenity to spark your inner greatness while living your 50 & beyond. Once you implement and journal within the book, you will gain self-confidence, self-love,  joy, peace, courage, and so much more authentic self freedom. 
"Rock Your 50 Plus" Book by author Ms. Diamond
Available on

Rock Your 50 Plus:

The Secret Diary for
Women 50 and Beyond

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