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 I dedicate myself to advocate your confidence and boost your clarity, focus and creativity towards your goals with aspiration.  Life changing habits with guaranteed results that last with without dieting.   Motivating and uplifting you with discipline, dedication and determination that will embrace habit change so you can look and feel  extraordinaire over 50!  Maximizing your energy, confidence, self-love, self-acceptance, courage and  living a life of abundance.  Embracing a healthier, happier lifestyle for inevitable success!  Encouragement  with accountability to accomplish your dreams and goals turning them into your reality.  I’ve had the pleasure of helping clients with fitness, meditation, energy, nutrition, self-confidence, lifestyle changes, that generated superb results. They continue to implement the guidance of my coaching skills in their everyday lives. Looking your best  over 50 is a new generation of men and women that are claiming their divine purpose to achieve a Greater Living After 50! Obtaining peace, happiness and a life of greatness. Bold, brilliant beautiful and all the above!  Let Your Light Shine for the world to see! "It's Your Time"  Put Yourself First!

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Green Salad with Watermelon, Goat Cheese, Tomatoes and Red Onions.  Topped with Mint Leaves and Parsley. 

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