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READ THIS! How To Heal Within

Hey Royal Fam!

We have to begin showing up for ourselves, the things that will help us heal. We have to allow ourselves to be open to grow. It's time to make a change.

You are going to have volcanos in your life that you will need to face sometimes. Whatever that has been weighing heavy on you for a period of time that is your volcano. Maybe it's stress, depression or whatever. I find one of the best ways best ways to heal stess and conquer your volcano is just movement.

Moving your body can make all the difference in the world. When I invite people to go walking, hiking, running or to the gym a lot of the times they don't show up. They don't come because it's early and it's hard. I can't help but to think that this is a perfect example of our lives. We like to pick the easy path and we sleep in when we should be advocating for ouselves and taking the time to heal ourselves.

Inacation leads to suffering. When you stop moving physically, mentally, or spiritually stress starts to set in. Your thoughts begin to run rapidly with negativity, you start believing things about yourself that are not elevating your well-being. You start sleeping in and giving up on yourself.

Whenever you have something major going on in your life nine times out of ten it's because you allowed something or someone to keep you from moving, moving your mind, body and spirit higher.

Clearly not every problem is your fault such as some sicknessess or natural disasters that can damage your life in a major way. However, a lot of the time and more often than we like to believe our problems are a consequence of our own inaction. Our own ability to make a move that could help us to heal.

We must start to show up for the things that help us to heal. That will help us to grow. Life without growth is inner death. Start showing up for ourselves in all aspects of life by keeping your mind, body and spirit moving. I guarantee that if you look back at the root of some of the problems you are facing you will find out what inaction caused that pain in the first place.

If you start going deeper within and find that pause, begin showing up for yourself, your life will begin to change for the greater.

You will commence to heal from within. Trust me, I speak from experience and I have to say never forget to pray along the way!

It all starts with you!


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