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READ NOW! How to keep going in life🔥

Hey Royal Fam!

We all know life doesn't come with a blueprint, manual, or magnified glass but it does come with our imagination, life and breathe.

We all have been through pain and some sort of suffering in our life, but you can never stop using your imagination.

Remember when we were kids we would imagine what we wanted to be when we grow up? Then it seem like reality of life kicked in and stopped our imagination because we began to think it's not really possible or that's what kids do, use their minds to imagine things not real.

Let me be clear that this message is not meant to say that you should live your life in some kind of hyper-vigilant imaginitive state where you don't take action steps, and a plan with goals for your life. We're all adults and know it doesn't work that way.

However, as adults we stop using our imagination and we need our imagination to keep going. It's what gives us hope and allows us to never give up on our dreams!

I know life isn't always easy, but the only way to heal is to keep going & use your imagination. Stop going back to what if's and the could have been's. Life can hit hard but when it does you keep going like Les Brown said "If You Can Look Up, You Can Get Up."

You can still use your imagination, you really can. The GOD of the universe is on your side! It's the law of attraction, what you put out is what you get back. If you keep going towards your dreams and goals watch everything begin to shift. You got to believe in yourself and your dreams! Your happiness matters along with your vibriant inner child like spirit. Never Let The Kid In You Go, It's Your Youthful Spirit and Your thriving Ambition.

Pain is just apart of being alive but don't allow your pain to be your guide because nothing last forever, it too shall pass. Look at it as a challenge, pain is the opposite of moving forward. So keep going, use your imagination and turn your pain into strength and passion.

You can still use your imagination, you really can. The GOD of the universe is on your side! You can HEAL by focusing on you instead of the pain. Focus on how you can be greater and better than what life throws at you. Be willing to learn from any situation and how you can avoid it from happening again!

Always remember Keep Going & Keep Your Head Up!

Where You Are GOD IS!


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