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Fear Is A Dream Killer!

Have you ever wanted to do something you've never done before, big or small and you allowed FEAR to stop you?

Of course! We all have.

I can resonate with FEAR quite a few times myself. "Fear Is A Dream Killer"

Let me share a story with you. Back in 1992 I had the opportunity to go overseas to sing in a band. I did not know the people except my husband and at that time our relationship was on shaky ground and I was going to be the only female traveling.

Anyway, a 3 month contract to perform in Nagoya, Japan was presented to my husband and he was not turning it down by no means. He felt it was his time and that was that! At the time I was working at the MGM Grand on the Theme Park Project as a Manager. Yes, I was afraid to leave my job and go overseas with some people I didn't know. Not to mention I had never been outside of the US period.

FEAR set in and took over my very being! My whole thought process.

However, I had to make a desion and pretty quick. Stay at my job or overcome my fears and excuses as to why I couldn't up and leave, just like that.

Well, to make a long story short. I am so grateful to say and share with you that I chose to go and I lived a life I could not have ever dreamed of that was possible outside of my thinking. Three months turned into, over 20 years with adventures and experiences as a singer, performer, wife, mother and just living life on my own terms as an entreprenuer, running a family entertainment business. Also, helping others experience a life of awesomeness!!!

If I had let FEAR stop me, I would have never experience the joy and education of living outside of America. Also, creating a new mindset outside of America's society.

The funny thing is by the time I returned back to the US to live, the Theme Park Project at the MGM was torn down. Which let me further know that I made the right choice.

It's time to stop letting FEAR Kill Our Dreams moving forward! The time has come to bet on YOU! Living your purpose, because God gave you life and what you do with it, is your gift back to HIM. HE will never let you down and will be there every step of the way!!!

3 Steps You Can Implement To Put FEAR In Check.

  1. If it scares you, do it anyway and you'll be glad you did

  2. Don't let negative thoughts hold you back from being your greater self

  3. Breathe and pray your way thru the process



Let me know a situation where you put FEAR in Check!

Have an amazing day!

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