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5 Things You've Just Gotta Accept In Life

Life is a gift and a loan from The Creator! Let's stop wasting time waiting trying to predict life. Life is on it's own mission.

We can't know what life's ultimate objective is. However, if we follow life's lead then it seems that our best, most empowering option in the face of life is to use everything to grow and expand ourselves.

If you have a juicy point you'd like to add to the list, please post it in the comment below.

Living this thing called life requires support and I am happy we are on this journey together.💕

Shit Happens

Yes, it does. All the time. When you least expect it, want it, and can least afford it, shit happens. So learn to shake it off, take a deep breath and say "All Righty Then... Shit Happens."

You Will Grow Old And Die

We as human beings grow old and die, period. This course of events is the order of things. The Hollywood desire to stay young forever is a fairytale of lies. Work to be your own most fully alive person, regardless of your age.

There Are No Guarantees

Life does not come with guarantees. Let your ability to shift and choose a self-empowering response in any situation be your guarantee.

Everything Changes

Let It! Go With It! Flow With It!

Life Takes Ongoing Effort

Living life fully alive takes work. Instead of battling with this notion, surrender to it.

Not necessarily in this order but hopefully you will get the message.

Take a moment and identify the issue(s) in your life that you need to accept. Not just you, me too. Once you create your own list, see if any of the points covered here can help you make peace.

Keep Your Head Up✅

Always Pray✅

Keep Moving Forward✅

Love, Diamond💎

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1 Comment

Al Martin III
Al Martin III
Dec 11, 2021

I concur; pure facts.

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