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I want to thank Paula Diamond my life coach of Greater living after 50. She has been an exceptional coach and exceptional teacher. I recommend Paula she beats going to government doctors for me that pumps more and more pills for treatment a lot of us get scared to speak up and say something to the doctor's.Get yourself on track the Natural Way. Greater living after 50 I give two thumbs up thanks my sister. 

February 23, 2019   Jeffrey Buttler

Coach Paula has a heart for helping people change their lives. She feels that having a greater life is within everyone potential. Let her help you with your goals and lead you into a greater life. She is warm, caring and alot of fun.

February 22, 2019   Linda Thompson

I Humbly Give Thanks To My Lovely Client Cassandra Willams! Whom I Am SO Proud Of Her Hard Work!!! She Wrote This About Me: Hello everyone. I would like to give a shout out to my life coach Paula (Diamond). Because of her I have lost 15 pounds. Doesn't matter where you live because she do phone consultations and has clients all over the U S . Please check her out email is paul@greaterlivingafter50.com She is powerful and will help you make a life transformation. Here's to good health and get your life back! "Greater Living After 50" Health/Life Coach For Inevitable Success!!!  October 21, 2018  Cassandra Williams Richardson

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