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Hello My Name Is
 Aka: Ms. Diamond


For many years I've been a Certified Life, Health & Wealth Coach that helps motivate and re-create a life for women over 50 to look & Feel Fabulous.  Transforming and empowering with a positive mindset along with mastering habit change while being innate.      I decided to change my life once I turned 50 to live a greater, healthier and extraordinary life of abundance. Most people don't believe my age however it comes from being commited, having  self-love and much more. Manifesting a life filled with joy, health, wisdom, love and prosperity.            Raised in Flint, Michigan adopted at age 5, life was very difficult for many years.  This thing called life was my reality with hard times ahead. For decades I didn't have a clue of how to defeat the odds or why am I here.

  A shifted happened at age 25. I starting traveling extensively overseas. Residing in Southeast Asia and many other countries with my wonderful husband as his lead vocalist, in our 7 piece show band.  Performed for Michael Jackson's VIP party in Tokyo, Japn, Mariah Carey on Television as well as shared the same stage with John Legend, just to name a few.

  However, within my travels I studied and learned, multiple diverse cultures healthy habits and unique way of life. I didn't realize at that time it was the beginning of a turn around.

   Upon my return back to the states, I made a promise to myself, this time will be different.  I'll make an impact on the lives of many women over the age of 50 that need to be uplifted and rise within their power of greatness.

    Being a Life, Health and Wellness Coach, I've had the most amazing pleasure of helping many, reach their goals to a happier and healthier lifestyle thru fitness, habit change and more...

    We all have a journey to fullfill.  I'm here to help share my gifts of aspiration that will transform lives with an unforgettable story along with my musical talent.

  Elevate from within and live your greater living after 50 or any age!  You deserve to live your dreams and your goals, furthermore with manifestation and accountability, I can help you!

    It's not over until your light is shining bright! A healthier, happier and wealthier you for all the world to see! 

Health Is Wealth!

Live Your Extraordinaire Life Of Greatness!