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Hello My Name Is
 Paula Shaw
 Aka: Ms. Diamond


I am a Certified Health, Life & Wellness Coach that help empower and re-create a life for women over 50 to look & Feel Fabulous living their best life while being extraordinary!! Transforming and mastering habit change that will become natural in all that you do. Being over 50 myself I decided to change my lifestyle and live a greater me a new and improved me.  Most people don't believe my age however it comes from a lifestyle change. Creating  for myself a life of love, health, wisdom and prosperity.  Being an Orphan as a child growing up in Michigan life was very difficult for many years.  It seemed to be a very ruthless and cold place with hard times ahead.  For decades I didn't have a clue of what to do, how to live or why I'm here. At age 25 I starting traveling extensively overseas to multiple countries with my wonderful husband as his lead vocalist for our 7 piece show band.  There I learned many different cultures and their diverse way of life. I didn't realize at that time it was the beginning of a change. After living overseas performing as a professional entertainer for over 20 years I returned back to the US and made a promise to myself this time will be different, I will empower the lives of many over 50 that need to be uplifted and reborn into their greatness. Being a Health and Wellness Coach I have had the most amazing pleasure of helping women reach their goals to a happier and healthier lifestyle. We all have a journey to fullfill.  I'm here to help re-create and transform lives with an unforgettable story for yourself and others. Motivate you, aspire you and totally transform you from within to live your greatness after 50 or any age!  You too will be able to uplift and enlighten others by your shining light to a healthier and Greater Living After 50.

Live Your Extraordinaire Life Of Greatness!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Email: paula@greaterlivingafter50.com

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Tel: 702-336-5303

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